Read Glory in the Morning this World Thinking Day and Win!

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February 22 is World Thinking Day. A day of friendship, advocacy and fundraising for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. This day also advocates girl empowerment and right to education. World Thinking Day theme this year is: “Education opens doors for all girls and boys.” This theme aims to achieve universal primary education, and is especially focused on making sure girls have access to education. Educating girls is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reduce global poverty.

As we all know, reading is the path to education. Today’s readers make tomorrow’s leaders. We at StoriesAlive sincerely believe in this and have thus introduced a digital library with over 150 titles in various genres to choose from. This World Thinking Day, we aim to spread the awareness of the importance of girl education and empowerment with our story Glory in the Morning by Sue Shanahan.

Do you believe that fairies exist? Annabelle, in “Glory in the Morning” does. It is a beautiful story that helps children realize the importance of self-love and self-trust. This is a story of a girl, Annabelle and a little fairy, Glory. Glory is under the spell of a nasty troll! She asks Annabelle for help. Can Annabelle help her? Beautiful illustrations and easy narration makes this a heartwarming story that every child will love to read.

Glory 1Glory in the Morning is Free inside StoriesAlive till the end of February, 2014. Also, as we feature the author of this story- Sue Shanahan in StoriesAlive, we’re giving away a “Signed Print Poster” of one of her beautiful illustrations. You can win this Beautiful Signed Poster simply by entering our Giveaway between 2/20/2014 and 2/27/2014 here or at StoriesAlive by Auryn Facebook page.

For entering the giveaway, all you have to do is simply “Spot the Difference”, at least 5, between the below image and the same image on Page 25 of Glory in the Morning title in StoriesAlive app and tell us here:

Glory in the Mornnig- Spot the Difference- Pg 25

Spot Five Differences

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P.S: Glory in the Morning is free for the month of February only.

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