Auryn continues to support Librarians Without Borders, third year in a row!

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

Auryn is happy and proud to sponsor “Librarians Without Borders” (LWB) for their trip to Guatemala, for the third year in a row. Donating for a cause, that compliments our GOAL too, of reaching out everywhere possible to help spread literacy among children.

Even you can be a part of this, donate here: during the course of April 22 to May 15, 2013, and become a part in promoting literacy among children, and help build a better future.

About LWB’s trip to Guatemala: The noble cause behind the trip is to promote literacy and learning. The Librarians Without Borders plan to focus on development and operation of a library at the Asturias Academy. By creating a community library in Xela to serve students, their families and members of the community, the Asturias Academy aims to foster a love of reading and promote education.



Stand a chance to WIN two Auryn Apps of Choice!

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WIN two Auryn apps of choice, enter our Giveaway today and get to choose TWO apps from the pool of 75 Auryn apps for your children. Isn’t it Cool?

All you have to do is WRITE a verse of yours or your child’s favorite poem or nursery Rhyme. You may also mention a rhyming poem of your own! So easy!!!

To enter the Giveaway, click here:

Want to check out the list of Auryn apps? Here you go:


See Animals from an Alligator to a Zebra take shapes of Alphabets in “Alphabet Animals” app

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Have you checked out our latest app: “Alphabet Animals”? If not, it’s time you take a look at it. Everyone is loving it’s cute illustrations and unique animals corresponding to the letters. Don’t want to believe us? Watch the video by Children’s Tech and you’ll want to get the App right away:


You might want to refer to some expert opinions on “Alphabet Animals”. So, read along:

“Alphabet Animals: A Slide and Peek Adventure is a beautiful book-app from Auryn, with gorgeous illustrations.” – Apps Playground

“The illustrations are clever and drop dead gorgeous. The premise of the book is straightforward – expose little ones to the alphabet and to animals that have the same corresponding beginning letter, all while having a cheeky time!” – Teachers With Apps

“I like how children can learn the alphabet, animal names, and the shapes of letters through this app. I also liked the “Game” section of this app.  I thought that this game was a great way to tie everything together.” – The iPhone Mom

“Besides learning about letters and animals, juniors can learn to be creative in expressing their minds.” – Geeks With Juniors

“New to this title is how each animal includes minor animated elements, subtle but effective, as each “tab” is pulled” – GiggleApps

“The unique animals are beautifully illustrated.”  “Overall a great app.” – Smart Kids Apps

“I think that this app is worth the price and will be loved by many children in the future and even in future generations to come.” – One By One Education

Happy Reading!

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