Auryn celebrates Don Freeman’s Birthday

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Celebrating 104th birthday of a very well recognised painter, printmaker, author and illustrator of numerous children’s books – Don Freeman. Join us in the celebrations.

Get the classic Don Freeman story apps for your children at $.99 ONLY on August 11. Save $3 on each of the 5 apps:

1) Hattie – The Backstage Bat : When a new play opens at the Lyceum Theatre, Hattie, the caretaker’s pet bat, has to hide while the actors are rehearsing. In order not to scare anyone, the little bat who lived backstage stayed out of sight until opening night of the new mystery play. But as the play opens, she can’t resist the chance to join in the fun–and make a grand entrance as the play’s new star.

Hattie – The Backstage Bat

2) Flash the Dash: Don Freeman has written a beautiful  and interesting story about two dachshunds and their lives. A story about how Flash starts working and taking care of his family to his mate’s surprise.

Flash the Dash

3) Inspector Peckit: A detective, who is also a Parisian pigeon, searches the city for a little girl’s lost purse only to discover it in a rather embarrassing place. Another of Mr. Freeman’s pigeons flying high and low, a bereted and eager Peckit (“at your beck and call”) flits from the rooftops of Paris, through the Luxembourg Gardens, to an awning at a sidewalk café, all in search of a little girl’s lost knit bag.

Inspector Peckit

4) Chuggy and the Blue Caboose: Forgotten on a side-track at a busy railroad yard, a lonely little blue caboose made friends with a little old fashioned engine. When the big Streamliner got stuck in the snow, she reminded the switchman that the old snowplow engine could clear the track in time.

Chuggy and the Blue Caboose

5) Cyrano The Crow: Cyrano is a master of bird imitations. When a talent show recruits him, he performs with professional flair, but is unable to fill the last requirement of his engagement: Cyrano cannot make a crow call. Or so he thinks as he goes squawking out of the television studio. Don Freeman acknowledges the role television plays in the child’s life and uses it as a device from which to spring his whimsical fantasy.

Cyrano the Crow



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