Praise for Auryn’s “Where Do Balloons Go?” App is SKY HIGH !

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In addition to praise from  People Magazine and USA Today, reviews are pouring in from across the blogosphere, and the verdict is unanimous:  Auryn’s new interactive storybook, “Where Do Balloons Go?”, based on the book by acclaimed actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis, is a SKY-HIGH hit!

We at Auryn are honoured that this app has been so well-received. We put a lot into creating the most entertaining interactive story experience ever, and are flattered and humbled that our fans think it was worth the effort!

Select highlights from the uplifting reviews include:

  • “A celebration of imagination is what takes place here. Attention to detail and outstanding quality, make this app a total standout!” raves Teachers With Apps, saying that it’s “sure to bring a big grin to anyone lucky enough to share in this storybook App.”
  • Auryn has … made it into a digital delight,” reads the review from Digital Story Time, continuing that it’s, “packed app with hours of playtime”, and is  “… truly a gem of an app, including opportunities for children to read, explore, play and create. Highly Recommended!”
  • “A great amount of detail and quality went into this app, to not only share an imagination-igniting story, but get your kids thinking in the fun games, and delighting in the interactions they hold the power of directing on each page,” writes Apps 4 Moms.
  • The reviewer at Apps for Kids with Special Needs created a thoughtful, detailed 13+ minute walk-through of the app, calling it “One of the ….best done books I’ve reviewed”
  • “From the very first page when you tap to release the balloon, you are an essential part of the story,” writes iPad App Reviews, calling the app a “magical journey” and complimenting the app’s many interactive features – in particular, “…the helium [voice] is guaranteed to reduce producer, crew and audience to hysterics.” “There is so much to investigate and discover, that your child will return to it time and time again. Each experience will be a new opportunity for creative play.”
  • “Where Do Balloons Go? Provides Unique, Interactive Experience,” writes App Advice. “[Earlier], I discussed how book apps need to have the interactive content enhance the story. This app certainly meets that requirement. of this app’s interactive features create the experience of playing with balloons, which serve the story’s investigative nature. Children will definitely enjoy playing with these wandering virtual balloons (which is much better than losing a real balloon).”
  •  “…a marvelous iPad adaptation,” writes GiggleApps. In addition to calling the app “clever”, “wonderful”, and “fun”, the reviewer points out that: “…pages that are filled with details to look at as well as to interact with while never becoming distracting – a balancing act that the developers at Auryn have been successful at to great effect.”
  • “This is definitely our new favorite story!” blogs Super Mommy to the Rescue, calling Auryn’s Where Do Balloons Go? a “a breath taking and magical interactive experience ”
  • “Balloon Theatre is so much fun and not just for the kids,” writes Mummy’s Space,  highlighting one of her (and her son’s) favorite interactive feature. “Kids will not only love the story but as the app is packed full of interactive features and activities including a brilliant Balloon Theatre it is definitely fun and engaging.”
  • “Children with their endless imaginations will love Auryn Inc.’s new release,” writes AppTudes. “My girls had a blast with [the Balloon Theatre]! Hint: one of the hidden sections includes an animal balloon game where children create animals out of balloons on-screen, which is a real hoot.”
  • “This app is engaging and interactive, there are surprises everywhere in the book as you move along the pages!”  writes the reviewer at the blog I’m a Full-time Mommy
  • In addition the other praise bloggers have had for the app, Apps Playground was also astute enough to notice that, “…the twist here is that Curtis actually wrote the original print book that the app is based on: she wasn’t just hired for a few hours to provide voice narration.”

Thanks so much for the support of the press and bloggers who have written such positive reviews of our apps. We hope you have as much fun playing with Where Do Balloons Go? as we had making it!


Jamie Lee Curtis releases her first interactive storybook app with Award-winning publisher Auryn, Inc.

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Beloved actress and bestselling children’s book author proudly presents her most cutting-edge and creative venture yet

Los Angeles, Calif., July 12, 2012 — Auryn, Inc., the most award-winning digital publisher of interactive children’s stories for the iPad and other tablet devices, today announced the launch of its newest title based on Where Do Balloons Go? by New York Times bestselling author and celebrated actress Jamie Lee Curtis.  AURYN HD – WHERE DO BALLOONS GO? AN UPLIFTING MYSTERY marks Curtis’ debut into digital publishing.

Fans of all ages can explore the story like never before as it follows a little boy’s imaginative journey when he accidentally lets go of his balloon.  AURYN HD – WHERE DO BALLOONS GO? AN UPLIFTING MYSTERY brings Jamie Lee Curtis’ gentle and humorous story and Laura Cornell’s illustrations to life, enhancing the experience of the original book and adding delightful interactive experiences that encourage children’s creativity to soar.

AURYN HD – WHERE DO BALLOONS GO? AN UPLIFTING MYSTERY for the iPad is now available on the App Store for $5.99 at

“I am blown away, excuse the pun. I had no idea how exciting this new wave of publishing could be,” said Jamie Lee Curtis.  “This is the most cutting edge and creative venture I have ever been involved with and I’m so pleased that it captures the inherent poignancy of the story of losing a balloon and all the emotions that it brings. I am so very proud to present this to the world.”

“We are big fans of Jamie Lee Curtis’ books and are thrilled that she chose Auryn as her partner in bringing this bestselling children’s title to an immersive, interactive format,” said Umesh Shukla, founder of Auryn. “We’re honored to have another bestselling author and celebrity select Auryn’s award-winning creative team and patented technology to launch a ground-breaking — or in this case, gravity-defying — storytelling experience.”

AURYN HD – WHERE DO BALLOONS GO? AN UPLIFTING MYSTERY offers a wide variety of delightful and engaging surprises, allowing readers to:

  • Create an animated balloon movie in the Balloon Theater by building balloon characters (using their own photos), recording dialog and enacting scenes
  • Create their own balloon animals: Auryn’s virtual physics engine gives users a realistic experience of this carnival favorite.  After blowing on the iPad to “inflate” virtual balloons, users can then swipe to twist and turn them into fun shapes
  • Have a giggle-fit listening to a funny “helium version” of their voice
  • Send hand-written e-postcards to friends and family as they join the missing balloon on vacation
  • Make over 200 balloons sway to the music at the “Big Balloon Dance”
  • Use a virtual fan to blow the balloons around, connect-the-dots to create new constellations in space and much more

AURYN HD – WHERE DO BALLOONS GO? AN UPLIFTING MYSTERY helps build reading skills by offering children the following reading options:

  • Listen to the story, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis herself, while the text is displayed “Karaoke-style”
  • Touch a word on the page to highlight it and hear it spoken aloud

For video of Jamie Lee Curtis describing her inspiration for the story visit and to see her demonstrate the app visit or visit Auryn’s YouTube Channel at

About Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is the bestselling author of numerous children’s books. This fall, Ms. Curtis will publish her 10th book, My Brave Year of Firsts. She has also published My Mommy Hung the Moon, Big Words for Little People, Is There Really A Human Race?, It’s Hard To Be Five, I’m Gonna Like Me, Where Do Balloons Go?, Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day, Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born, and When I Was Little.

She is also a film actress with starring roles in such acclaimed films as You Again, Freaky Friday, True Lies, Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda. In television, Ms. Curtis co-starred opposite Richard Lewis in the sitcom Anything But Love, as well as the title role in TNT’s adaptation of Wendy Wasserstein’s play, The Heidi Chronicles, and the CBS telefilm, Nicholas’ Gift.

Ms. Curtis is also an AIDS activist and has a deep and active connection to many children’s charities including, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

About Auryn, Inc.

Founded by Academy award-winning visual effects experts from Hollywood’s top movie studios, Auryn Inc. is the most award-winning digital publisher of storybook apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and other tablet devices. Uniting leading technologists and creative artists, Auryn’s patented technology enables the company to produce ground-breaking interactive content for the new emerging tablet medium. Recognized by the Producers Guild of America and Variety magazine as the Digital 25 top innovator in Emerging Media and winner of more app awards than any other digital publisher, Auryn is paving the way in digital publishing and fast-becoming the leader in children’s storybook apps. For more on Auryn, visit and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest at:, and

The Ballon Theatre

Balloon Animal Game

“Rate and Review Our App” Contest

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“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. Appreciation helps us uncover factors that we might have ordinarily missed, and it can be very useful for us at Auryn to serve you better.

There are many people behind the scene who work hard to bring out a good storybook app for your little one – Authors, artists, developers, producers, marketers and many more. Your appreciation through your valuable reviews would not only boost our motivation but also help us know your opinions.

With this in mind, Auryn brings to you the “Rate and Review Our App” Contest. A contest with loads of attractive goodies to be won.

Here’s how to enter – Contest rules:

  1. Review as many Apps by Auryn as you can, at the Appstore (option available after you finish reading the app.
  2. Copy the same review with the App name on our Facebook page and tell us by what name have you reviewed the app at the Appstore.
  3. Contest ends on Sunday, July 8, 2012.

So much to win:

  1. The Best Review overall will win you our newest and most awaited “premium” Title.
  2. The person who posts maximum reviews also wins our newest and most awaited premium Title.
  3. Best Review per storybook app, will win you 1 Auryn and 1 Auracle app by Auryn.
  4. First 10 reviewers will win a special Auryn Wallpaper
  5. You can also win multiple goodies in this contest.

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