Happy Father’s Day

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We wish you all a very happy Father’s Day!

“A Dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall
But instead picks you up,
Brushes you off, and lets you try again!
A Dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes
But instead lets you find your own way,
Even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt!
A Dad is someone who holds you when you cry,
Scold you when you break the rules, Shines with pride when you succeed,
And has faith in you even when you fail!”

Celebrate this special day with your kids, gift them new storybook apps. Inspire your kids to read more with Auryn’s Father’s Day Sale on June 17 Only. Avail all our apps at upto 50% Off.


Here’s a list of all Auryn apps, to help you prepare your wish – list:


On iPad

Apps Links
Aesop in Rhyme – Hare and Tortoise http://bit.ly/f217ki
Aesop in Rhyme – Crow and Pitcher http://bit.ly/on0H9p
Aesop in Rhyme – Lion and Mouse http://bit.ly/nmz3jX
Edsel McFarlan’s New Car http://bit.ly/lZpPm3
Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose http://bit.ly/qurnAf
4th of July http://bit.ly/qBb886
Love You To the Moon and Back http://bit.ly/pL7mlQ
Hurray for Pre-K! http://bit.ly/nd289K
The Trees Grin Beside Me http://bit.ly/naLQgE
Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty http://bit.ly/qv8iEU
Red Riding Hood http://bit.ly/rrhaa
Winter Is http://bit.ly/nzqfNR
Miko – Mom, Wakeup and Play http://bit.ly/abamiko
Miko – Mom, It Was Me http://bit.ly/amiko2
Miko – No Bath! No Way! http://bit.ly/miko3
Miko – Double Birthday http://bit.ly/amiko4
God’s Little Lamb http://bit.ly/aurgll
Fruits for Little Lamb http://bit.ly/fllaur
Hattie, The Backstage Bat http://bit.ly/htbt1
Miko Wants a Dog http://bit.ly/miko5a
Inspector Peckit http://bit.ly/inspk
Chinese New Year http://bit.ly/y2NqBs
Miko Goes on Vacation http://bit.ly/miko6a
Miko – Where is Mimiki http://bit.ly/miko7a
Miko Moves Out http://bit.ly/mikoa8
Shadow of Elves http://bit.ly/shadoe
One Cold Night http://bit.ly/abaocn
Randy Kazandy, Where are your Glasses? http://bit.ly/randyk
Flash the Dash http://bit.ly/ftdfre
The Perilous Pit http://bit.ly/peripi
The Emperor’s Race http://bit.ly/temrac
Since Lulu Learned the Cancan http://bit.ly/luluhd
Sister Yessa’s Story http://bit.ly/sisyes
Spring Changes http://bit.ly/sprchn
Fanny McFancy – A Passion for Fashion http://bit.ly/fanmcf
Chuggy and the Blue Caboose http://bit.ly/chblue
Ling Ling Looked in the Mirror http://bit.ly/lingmi
Trixie and Jinx http://bit.ly/trjinx

On iPhone

Apps Links
Edsel McFarlan’s New Car http://bit.ly/ipheds
Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose http://bit.ly/iphtte
Love You To the Moon and Back http://bit.ly/iphlov
Hurray for Pre-K! http://bit.ly/iphhur
The Trees Grin Beside Me http://bit.ly/s7ja5S
Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty http://bit.ly/iphdrd
Winter Is http://bit.ly/iphwin
Miko – Mom, Wakeup and Play http://bit.ly/iphm1
Miko – Mom, It Was Me http://bit.ly/iphm2
Miko – No Bath! No Way! http://bit.ly/iphm3a
Miko – Double Birthday http://bit.ly/iphmi4
I, Trixie Who Is Dog http://bit.ly/iphtrx
God’s Little Lamb http://bit.ly/iphgll
Fruits for Little Lamb http://bit.ly/iphfll
Hattie, The Backstage Bat http://bit.ly/iphhat
Miko Wants a Dog http://bit.ly/mi5iph
Inspector Peckit http://bit.ly/iphpkt
Miko Goes on Vacation http://bit.ly/iph6mi
Miko – Where is Mimiki http://bit.ly/mi7iph
Miko Moves Out http://bit.ly/iphmi8
One Cold Night http://bit.ly/iphocn
Randy Kazandy, Where are your Glasses? http://bit.ly/iphran
Flash the Dash http://bit.ly/iphftd
The Perilous Pit http://bit.ly/tppiph
The Emperor’s Race http://bit.ly/iphter
Since Lulu Learned the Cancan http://bit.ly/iplulu
Sister Yessa’s Story http://bit.ly/iphsis
Spring Changes http://bit.ly/spriph
Fanny McFancy A Passion for Fashion http://bit.ly/iphfmc
Chuggy and the Blue Caboose http://bit.ly/iphchu
 Ling Ling Looked in the Mirror http://bit.ly/iphlin
Trixie and Jinx http://bit.ly/trjxip


There Is Nothing Better Than Being Yourself

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There Is Nothing Better Than Being Yourself – A blog by @Sue Shanahan, the author of Love You to the Moon and Back

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A Window Into the E-Future — the World’s First School to Go Full E-Only – The Digital Reader

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Play, Click and Share a Pic!

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Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them. Encourage your children to learn more about nature. Happy World Environment Day!

For all the mommies, here’s a chance to win an Auryn Goodie bag for your kids. All you have to do is – Share your children’s pic playing outdoor games or surrounded by nature or playing in a park, etc. This World Environment Day, we at Auryn wish to promote the importance of nature amongst children.

Please tell your friends to “Like” the Apps By Auryn page so they can cast their votes by clicking “Like” on your children’s picture! The picture with maximum likes (votes) will win a Goodie bag from Auryn.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

1)     Post your child’s outdoor picture on our Facebook Page

2)      Ask your friends to “Like” Apps by Auryn Page to vote for your little one’s picture. Maximum number of votes would make you the winner of a fully loaded Auryn Goodie Bag

Contest ends on June 10, 2012.

The goodie bag consists of – 1 Auryn app(Priced between $3.99 to $5.99), 2 Auracle apps(Priced between $1.99 to $3.99), 1 Mimiki soft toy and a copy of “A Big Little Life” (Hard Copy) personally autographed by Bestselling Author Dean Koontz.

The winning picture will be featured on Apps By Auryn page. Fill our page with adorable pictures NOW!

Also, check out storybook apps educating children about the environment

The Trees Grin Beside Me

Winter Is

One Cold Night

Spring Changes

Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose

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